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Through BMO’s 203 years in business, we’ve stood with our customers, helping them make real financial progress, and supported our communities, working with partners to drive positive change. And while COVID-19 has changed many things, those same guiding principles have inspired our response to the pandemic: we keep the safety of our customers and employees paramount, and we stay relentlessly focused on helping fuel the recovery for our customers and communities.

For our colleagues

During the COVID-19 crisis, our employees have been working at the leading edge of economic recovery. BMO has been working together with local health authorities and experts to help ensure they remain safe and healthy—both physically and mentally. We’ve followed rigorous cleaning, health and safety protocols in our branches and other workspaces to keep our employees and customers safe; reconfigured office spaces to ensure proper distancing; and provided employees with mental health and parental support, 24/7 access to virtual healthcare, and flexibility for them to support their families and communities.