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Through BMO’s 203 years in business, we’ve stood with our customers, helping them make real financial progress, and supported our communities, working with partners to drive positive change. And while COVID-19 has changed many things, those same guiding principles have inspired our response to the pandemic: we keep the safety of our customers and employees paramount, and we stay relentlessly focused on helping fuel the recovery for our customers and communities.

For our communities

BMO is collaborating with our community partners to fortify their efforts to respond to the health and socioeconomic impacts of this unprecedented crisis. We’re helping close the funding gap to ensure urgent pandemic-related support reaches those who need it most in the communities where we live and work. And we’re working with social and civic organizations to address the structural inequities that lead to the disproportionate impacts some have faced.

We are also supporting recovery efforts around the world – for example, we led a landmark USD$8 billion sustainable development bond for the World Bank’s global coronavirus response, which focuses on strengthening healthcare systems and COVID-19 communication campaigns in developing countries and reducing the economic impact of the pandemic on the poor and vulnerable.