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Whitefish Bay customers feel at home with BMO in Wisconsin

June 8, 2023 | Financial inclusion

When a career opportunity came knocking for Victor and Bego, it came with more than just a new job. The married couple uprooted their lives and moved from Mexico to Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin with their dog – ready for new jobs, new opportunities and hopefully, a new permanent address.  

Both software engineers, Victor and Bego have been married over five years, and they moved to the United States about a year and a half ago. Upon arrival, one of their very first stops was at a BMO branch to “begin building a financial persona,” and build a credit score from scratch as new residents in the U.S.  

With their new social security numbers in hand, the pair met Emily Allee, a relationship manager at the Whitefish Bay BMO branch who immediately connected with them and had an open, meaningful banking conversation using myFinancial compass at their first meeting. She helped get them fully set up with accounts and planned out a timeline for their goals, which ultimately led to homeownership. Victor and Bego plan to fully embrace their new lives in Wisconsin, and have already established their favorite spots, bike trails and neighborhoods – and cultivated a circle of friends to enjoy all that the state has to offer.  

Victor says they chose BMO not only because of its branch proximity to both work and where they’re living, but because they felt a deep personal connection and a high level of trust with the people they interacted with, which they greatly valued as new immigrants from Mexico. 

Emily helped to keep them on track to build their scores and work with mortgage officers on getting pre-approvals for putting in an offer on a home that fits into their active lifestyle. With that dream in mind, it will only be a matter of time until the couple has the keys to their first home – and they open the door to all the adventures that follow.  

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