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Team BMO steps up for customer caught in social media scam 

July 12, 2023 | Customers

An investment specialist at BMO demonstrated how helping customers make real financial progress also means being there in their time of need, especially if they’re being targeted by a scammer. 

As featured in a recent CTV News story, when a customer found themselves the target of an online scam, which included being instructed to purchase various gift cards and e-transfer money to a scammer, BMO was there to support. 

During this difficult time, the customer contacted BMO to help stop the transactions, and BMO’s Oneeza Luqman stepped in to ensure the funds weren’t sent and the customer’s money refunded.  

“The customer was upset and had panic in their voice. I acknowledged the customer’s concern, assured her that she did the correct thing by contacting BMO and that I would definitely help. ‘Being Human’ is an indispensable part of BMO. It allows our customers to feel heard, understood and for us to build a relationship.” 

– Oneeza Luqman

In the CTV story, the customer explains, “She didn’t ask me any questions, just went into my account, cancelled the e-transfer, even though it was an automatic deposit, she was able to cancel it immediately, and she came back and was like, ‘OK, let’s talk about what’s going on.’” 

Oneeza’s manager, Charnel D’Souza, explains that the team frequently discusses how to handle traumatic real-life situations such as these: “All associates are coached to put our customers at the center of everything, putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes and making them feel appreciated. We had recently discussed how fraud situations could have a devastating effect on people, and that we, as associates, must act fast to help. And Oneeza did just that.” 

Protecting yourself from fraudsters and online scams 

The story highlights how online safety is more important than ever. You can learn more about online scams and how to spot them by visiting BMO’s Learning Centre. There you will find various articles on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from fraudsters and cybercriminals, including: 

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