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Campfire Coffee: Coffee with a conscience

February 2, 2024 | Customers

In 2018, spouses Quincy and Whitni Henry were on a long drive from a family Thanksgiving in Utah to their hometown of Tacoma, Washington, wondering what to do next with their lives. The couple decided to build a business around coffee – which both of them were interested in, but had no experience working with.

Combining their love for great coffee with their passion for camping, the Henrys were inspired to roast coffee beans over a campfire, which creates a unique flavor profile. Campfire Coffee was born.

Their plans to open fully were scuttled when the pandemic began in March 2020, so they pivoted, launching an online shop—which took off immediately. They could barely keep their campfire-roasted coffee beans in stock. Quincy had hoped to roast 50 pounds of beans per week; these days, he’s roasting close to 3,500 pounds. The Henrys opened their coffee shop in August 2020, and they are, according to Quincy, “having a blast!”

Campfire became a BMO customer in 2021 when they were seeking the support their business needed to grow. Happily, they’re working with bankers who truly care about their business.

“I remember thinking: Wait, there’s an actual bank that cares about the same stuff we do and that is aligned with our values? Yeah, we’re moving. We’re going to put our money here and feel good about it.”

– Quincy Henry
Owner, Campfire Coffee

The company’s goals go beyond great-tasting coffee. The Henrys also launched The Campfire Explorers Club, a non-profit that helps young people from low-income families gain access to the great outdoors.  Within its first year of operation, Campfire Coffee:

  • Generated $20,000 for three outdoor education organizations.
  • Awarded five free camping trips to families through the Campfire Explorers Club.
  • Proudly became a women-owned, Black-owned, and veteran-owned business—rare in the coffee-roasting world.

“We know that diversity and representation are so important. We don’t take these stances because they’re the trendy thing to do. It’s just who we are.”

– Quincy Henry
Owner, Campfire Coffee

Campfire Coffee’s future plans include operating a low-cost campground, a library of free outdoor gear, a free outdoor educational center, and more.

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