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BMORE helps remove employment barriers for Madison Associate Banker, Khalid Mustafa

February 15, 2023 | Diversity, equity and inclusion

In 2020, BMO launched BMORE, a workforce development program that seeks to remove barriers to employment and increase access to careers in banking and finance in Black and Latinx communities. After successful launches in Chicago and Milwaukee, the program expanded to Madison, WI in 2022 where a new cohort of five unemployed or underemployed individuals were hired through a partnership with the Urban League of Greater Madison. Last year, 28 employees in Chicago Madison, WI and Milwaukee were hired through the program.  

One of those hires is Khalid Mustafa, an experienced accountant, husband and father of two who moved from Sudan to the United States in January 2022 to improve the life for himself and his family. Khalid’s journey to Madison was long as he applied over 15 years ago for a United States VISA that was recently granted in July 2021.

Through word of mouth and within a few months of being in the U.S., Khalid connected with the Urban League of Madison where he learned about the BMORE program. The training provided through the program was integral to his success by giving him the opportunity to attend preparation classes and access professional guidance for the interview process.  

In May, Khalid was hired as an Associate Banker at the Madison Capitol Square branch where he provides expert advice, service and products solutions for our customers’ unique needs.  

“I was lucky to find BMO. Many are struggling and I am grateful that BMO has changed my life. It was hard to arrive in an English-speaking country without the proper resources. The BMORE program helped me build connections, prepared me for interviews and gave me confidence throughout the process. On my first day at BMO, my colleagues were kind and gentle. I find that when you feel comfortable at work, nothing can stop you,”

– Khalid Mustafa
Associate Banker at Madison Capital Square branch, BMO

Khalid is proud to share his story and hopes that others in similar circumstances will benefit from the BMORE program. “It seemed like a new world, and it was scary at first,” said Khalid.  “BMORE gave me the opportunity to adjust to my new country and find success.”  

Now that Khalid’s job is stable, he is working to complete his PhD in accounting and hopes to continue to advance his career at BMO. His wife and children are doing well in Madison and looking forward to a more stable future.  

More than 65 employees have been hired through the BMORE program, which will continue to expand westward in 2023.  

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