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BMO Announces $250,000 Donation to Organizations Supporting Global Emergency COVID-19 Relief Efforts

BMO announced today it will donate $250,000 to support organizations helping those around the world impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic. BMO’s contribution comes alongside contributions from seven Canadian banks collectively donating more than $1.15 million to international relief organizations.

BMO’s donation will be directed to UNICEF, the WHO Foundation and the Canadian Red Cross and will serve the needs of those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to BMO’s commitment today, the bank previously announced a $500,000 donation to United Way and other groups in Illinois and Wisconsin to support gaps in community services urgently needed for vulnerable individuals impacted by the public health, social and economic consequences of COVID-19.

Those wishing to support international organizations with on-the-ground support can visit: UNICEF Canada, the Canadian Red Cross and the WHO Foundation.

Learn more about BMO’s Community Giving.

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