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Black History Month: Elevating our partnerships that promote equity in our communities 

February 21, 2024 | Diversity, equity and inclusion

During Black History Month, which was officially recognized in 1976, the nation honors the contributions and sacrifices that African Americans have made to ensure all have the same opportunities to succeed in life. BMO celebrates diversity and equity and partners with organizations throughout the United States to promote an inclusive society.  

This month, BMO attended Black History events with our partner organizations including the Museum of Science and Industry, United Way of Metro Chicago, and the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG). We also partner with the California Black Women’s Collective and the L.A. Brotherhood Crusade to help break barriers for individuals in Black communities. 

In California, BMO attended and sponsored the ZSFG’s 20th annual Hearts in SF event, which helps to raise funds for critical programs, such as the hospital’s efforts to advance health equity and innovation. Through this partnership, BMO supports ZSFG to provide essential health care to all San Franciscans by supporting the foundation’s work to develop forward-thinking solutions that benefit community members and ensure a healthier and more equitable future.    

Additionally, BMO joined the California Black Women’s Collective for their Conversation for the Black Women Tour. The tour is designed to reset the conversation and provide resources to Black women to help them advance their economic floor through job coaching, recruitment, mentorship, apprenticeship programs, homeownership counseling, financial planning, and entrepreneurship support.  

We’ve also launched a new partnership with the L.A. Brotherhood Crusade, which supports the South Central Los Angeles community. The Brotherhood Crusade is a 50-year-old grassroots organization with a vision of improving quality of life and meeting the unmet needs of low-income, underserved, under-represented and disenfranchised individuals.

BMO attends Conversation for Black Women Tour, 20th annual Hearts in SF Gala and LA Brotherhood Crusade Gala in California

In Chicago, BMO attended the Museum of Science and Industry’s (MSI) Black Creativity Gala, an event that celebrates Black achievement in science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. Black Creativity Programs and exhibits reach over 10,000 students, teachers and families in underserved Chicago neighborhoods each year to provide youth exposure to careers, educational pathways, and resources.  

We also attended BUILD Chicago’s Black Table Luncheon, an event that brings together Black youth from across the city to learn from over 20 of Chicago’s most influential and accomplished Black leaders on what it takes to be successful, how to overcome challenges and build their legacies. Since 1969, BUILD has worked to save lives and annually mentor 2,500 young people who live in the city’s most challenged Chicago neighborhoods.

Partnerships with these organizations embody BMO’s Purpose to Boldly Grow the Good as we all celebrate Black History Month in our local communities.

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