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United Way Centraide Canada names BMO a 2020 Thanks a Million recipient

September 8, 2021 | Recognition

As United Way agencies kick off this year’s fundraising campaign in support of communities, United Way Centraide, the national office for Canada, begins on a note of recognition for companies whose employees helped to raise more than $1 million last year in support of  its work in local communities across Canada.  As part of that effort, BMO has been named a 2020 Thanks a Million recipient.

The collective action and generosity of BMO employees helps United Way agencies across our footprint make investments in local programs and community agencies that create lasting change by addressing the root causes of social issues – like mental illness, social isolation, poverty, hunger, and domestic violence.

Stronger together through COVID-19

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt in communities, and many people still facing unparalleled uncertainty, our partnership with United Way is more critical than ever in ensuring it can support our most vulnerable citizens through and beyond the pandemic. Working closely with the United Way, combining our giving through the campaign period makes our collective impact greater than ever. The goal this year? Ensuring that the inequities that were so evident as the pandemic’s effects took hold, and continue to cause so much distress for so many, are addressed in a sustainable way as the economy rebuilds. In short, to create a fairer, more inclusive society by working together to reduce economic disparity and systemic barriers.

Thanks a Million organizations will be recognized on United Way Centraide Canada’s website (, as well as published nationally in both the Globe & Mail and National Post on September 8, 2021.

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