We deliver value far beyond the bottom line. Working together with our customers, our employees and our communities, we look for opportunities to accelerate positive change, united in the belief that success can be mutual.

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BMO’s employees believe in creating positive, sustainable change and are committed to giving back to our communities through giving campaigns, fundraising and volunteering opportunities.

BMO’s community giving strategy is built on three pillars – collaboration, learning and innovation – that are supported by our 200-year commitment to helping improve the quality of life in our communities.

Carbon neutral since 2010, BMO is dedicated to finding creative and data-driven ways to minimize the environmental impact of our operational activities.

Bold Commitments

BMO’s Purpose attaches intention to our priorities and gives direction to our growth. It informs all of our efforts to accelerate positive change. And it reinforces the unique strengths we bring to creating shared value. We’re constantly finding new ways to put our Purpose into action – and we’re amplifying our impact where we already lead by example through Bold Commitments in three key areas.

A landscape photo of wind turbines against a blue sky
A landscape photo of wind turbines against a blue sky

Sustainable Future

We’re mobilizing $400 billion in capital and client investments, providing innovative financial products and advisory services, and seeding an impact fund with an initial $250 million – all to help businesses pursue sustainable outcomes.

$250 million

in capital to seed an impact investment fund driving sustainability solutions

$250 billion

in client investments, which BMO will help to align with sustainable objectives

$150 billion

in capital to companies pursuing sustainable outcome

A man and a woman speaking in front of a neon sign
A man and a woman speaking in front of a neon sign

Thriving Economy

We’re doubling small business lending, adding more U.S. customers and growing our Canadian loan book to $10 billion – while also doubling our support for women-owned enterprises with a team of dedicated business development managers.

Double small business lending in Canada to

$10 billion

Double small business lending in the U.S. to reach

80,000 customers
80,000 customers

Double support for

women entrepreneurs
women entrepreneurs

A woman dances beneath a highway underpass
A woman dances beneath a highway underpass

Inclusive Society

We’re working constantly to increase diversity across the bank. We’re also investing in skills development to equip BMO employees for the workplace of the future. And we’re partnering with public sector and non-profit organizations to drive inclusive economic development.

Increase persons of colour in U.S. leadership roles to

20% by 2020

Double the size of the bank’s

Indigenous Banking business
Indigenous Banking business

Drive more inclusive communities through

$10 million

commitments to United Way partners in Chicago and Toronto