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BMO changing the conversation about women and finances

March 8, 2020 | Financial inclusion

Launching on International Women’s Day (March 8), BMO’s new campaign targets financial stereotypes for girls, for women, and for their financial futures. The centerpiece of this campaign is the story of Jane. As she grows up, Jane’s confidence about money is shaped by stereotypical messaging that continues to exist in society, media and even how families talk to women and girls about money and women’s financial capabilities.

Watch Jane’s Story to see how BMO is changing the narrative around women and finances.

BMO believes it’s time to write a new chapter in the story of women and finances. With a Bold Commitment to mobilize $3 billion for women-led businesses in Canada, and to double the number of women-owned businesses it supports across its entire footprint, BMO is sending a clear message around promoting financial progress and fairness in the financial system.

To learn more about the campaign, visit the BMO for Women site.


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