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An interactive exhibition that will empower you to take climate action – every day 

April 5, 2024 | Sustainability

At BMO, our Climate Ambition is to be our clients’ lead partner in the transition to net zero world.  We’re focused on solutions– and empowering our clients to take action.  

There are many ways we bring our ambition to life, and one way is how we support sustainability and climate action through philanthropy. We’re proud to be the lead sponsor of the Ontario Science Centre’s new exhibition, Our Climate Quest. This interactive exhibition helps people discover the small steps they can take towards big change through hands-on games and activities, multimedia experiences and more. 

This sponsorship complements the work we do at the BMO Climate Institute, which provides thought leadership and valuable resources on decarbonization, resilience, social impact and biodiversity. The Institute employs experts in the field, including Senior Advisor George Sutherland, who works at the intersection of climate science, policy and finance to understand and manage the opportunities and risks associated with climate change, and the systems required to build resilience into businesses and value chains.

George attended a reception at the Ontario Science Centre for the new exhibition,  where he spoke with Dr. Raluca Ellis, Ontario Science Centre Researcher-Programmer, and Paul Kortenaar, CEO of the Ontario Science Centre. George noted that the exhibition explored solutions just as much as it defined causes and challenges. “A good balance,” he said, “that provides an opportunity for users to connect with key themes that are changing in the world around us.” 

“Achieving the ambitious climate targets established by the Paris Agreement and adopted by Canada and the U.S. requires an all-hands-on-deck approach where everyone is empowered to act. This exhibition is inspiring in its focus on solutions and the role everyone can play to make a difference.”  

– George Sutherland
Senior Advisor, BMO Climate Institute 

The exhibition focuses on three areas: climate, biodiversity and sustainability. Through hands-on, interactive learning, visitors can build and test sustainable solutions and explore climate change and its impact through observations, historical data and Indigenous knowledge. There’s information about everything from the foundational causes of climate change to the carbon and water footprint of everyday items like smartphones and clothing.  

George noted that the latter did a great job of connecting people to processes. “We don’t often think about what goes into making the computers and phones we use or the clothes we wear. Learning about the outsized footprint of some of these items drives home the importance of intentional consumerism and the circular economy.” 

The exhibition will run until April 9. And you and your family can keep learning at home, too, with a collection of videos that explore the science of climate change – and the solutions. Check out Climate Change, Explained

Find out more about BMO’s Climate Ambition and the BMO Climate Institute.

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